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Просто нравится ребятам это словосочетание – «Темный час». Файлы перевода на мод "The War to End All Wars", имеется перевод фокусов Германии, Голландии и Болгарии.

This mod is bascially a cheat mod to get through the early game faster. This mod makes all the planes from Millenium Dawn (with the exception of the strategic bombers) compatible with Aircraft Carriers. I have been playing Hearts of Iron IV: Millenium Dawn recently, and decided that the sprites could look more "modern". I therefore decided to retexture them based off of the modern day uniforms that the respective nations wear irl. This mod expands the selection of division icons. It is MOD which no longer needs resources to produce weapons.

We need only military factories and shipbuilders to produce guns, cannons, tanks, fighter planes, warships and so on.

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Replaces default ship graphics with recognition charts style silhouettes. Major nations get accurate representations of ship classes featured in their default technology trees. This mod aims to make Naval Invasions cheaper and faster in terms of time and naval supremacy. Tell me ideas for other mods! More resources for Germany. More research and industry power. Will need to research in electronics and industry to franchise on it. Halved most building costs. It adds the appropriate infantry equipment used by EVERY COUNTRY IN THE GAME from 1918 to 1946. All of them are appropriately added to the localization as well, so no more Weapons 1, Weapons 2, etc.

This mod adds increased production cost for variants and reduces reliability penalties from upgrades. Tanks: Reliability is at 100% for tanks if you upgrade everything to maximum but at the same time that shiny new tank.

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Comment below if you want me to make a flag mod for anot. This mod is Black ICE sub mod. Add Division counters and modified for Black ICE mod.

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Division counters from ThatGingerBastard's " Division of Renown and Infamy (MORE COUNTERS! Max saved focus progress pass from 10 to 30. Please rate so people can see this! Combines EasyBuff+, Cheat Mod, Population cheat, Easy Cheats, and National Cheats into one mod to improve compatability and make the laws page a bit prettier.

Hearts Of Iron IV: Dawn Of A New Era

I’ve been gone for too long. They beat us to the bomb. The world was forced into submission. They took our freedom. Tore down what took centuries to build. A small mod that increases the maximum buildable nuclear reactors per state from 1 to 3. KNOWN ISSUES: There is a weird bug whe. Current nations with more nations are: AFG, ALB, ARG, AST, AUS, BEL, BHU, BOL, BRA, BUL, CHI, ENG, FRA, GER, GRE, HOL, JAP, LUX, MEX, SPR, VEN.

The description gets cut off, res. If you use this mod you can not acquire Achievements. I made an add-on that improved AI. Resized and moved around some UI stuff to use a little more of the e.

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Machine gun sounds for infantry. Losing your favorite divisions in the stacks?

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Tired of trying to stand out in the dog eat dog world of grey boxes with 'x's in them? Do you derive near-erotic pleasure from NATO counters?

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THEN THIS MOD'S FOR YOU! Divisions of Renown and Infamy adds. Updated to be compatible with patch 1. Updated to be compatible with patch 1. Updated to be compatible with patch 1. This mod compiles a variety (83) of German marching songs from across time, and brings them straight into your game- with full english localisation, for you to enjoy. Realistic Nukes + (Now with Radiations, Colonization and working 1. This mod aims to make Nukes something useful, not as "rocks" as before.

The Nukes makes the zone you bomb radioactive!

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This is a submod for Millenium Dawn: Modern Day Mod. General: This mod replaces all small arms equipment with (generally) historic weaponry as well as uniforms for all nations. Weaponry is now 'collections' of small arms, rather than just one weapon represented. The short name is 'Infantry Kit', but, the lon. This mod aims to expand the tech trees, improve the ai, change the balance of many mechanics such as weather to add challenge and give each nation a unique tech research according to their nation with unique stats (The tiger tank is what it always was, one.

All nations have been updated for custom sprites and additional equipment. This is the final version for the armor tech tree. This mod gives you access to four new German ship models that are hidden in the Hearts of Iron 4 files but weren't integrated into the actual game for reasons I don't know. Currently I have no plans to continue this mod. I've learned quite a bit from creating this mod, but I never planned to go too far with it. I appreciate all of the support that everyone has given, and I certainly didn't expect this mod to get as.

This mod allows the player to boost its own party in other countries ASWELL as boosting parties in their own regime! This mod is aimed at improving the HoI IV prodoction interface while maintaining a vanilla feel. The mod will no longer feature double production columns, as production lines can now be minimised. An outdated version of the mod is available f. Sorry guys the amount I would need to fix is basically just updated the original mod and I don't have the time nor patients to do that so it looks like I'm just not gonna update this anymore.

Maybe if I get the urge to ac. In 1943 the German army was in its apogee but the situation begins to lean towards the allies with the defeat of the axis army in Africa and the encirclement of the German troops in Stalingrad it is time for the axis of repatriate his mat. This mod is so you can make buildings instantly (Well, in one day).

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Alternatively, you could use the instantconstruction (IC) command but that will not work in multiplayer as console commands are not allowed. This mod introduces a new type of unit for your army: the armoured infantry. A new unit type, armoured infantry. Tiers of a new equipment type, infantry armour, which is necessary for recruiting these soldiers. Ever felt that the current and even the Expanded Continuous Focuses are just Mouth-Watering? Ever wanted to be able to spend your power on any aspect of the game? Then these 56 Continuous Focuses are the minimum you need!

Are you tired of Vanilla ignoring the larger part of history? Luxembourg conquering the world by 1941?

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Canadian naval invasions ruining your dreams of Lebensraum? Then this mod is for you. Re-Upload of "Division Icons Updated". File structure got flubbed. Anywho, this should now remove the issue where choosing one icon gives you the counter to the left of it. In future I will look into incorporating more content, with permissions. This mod changes the color of military arrows and other things like the battle planner items.

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As long as you dont have mods that change the arrow and battle plan map gfx, then it will be compatable with everything else. Feel free to subscribe, leave a r. The production system in HoI4 has been significantly changed. This version of the mod is backwards-compatible with previous HoI4 updates. Mod doesn't require DLCs now. A work in progress to add Mechs ("Walkers") to HoI4. Despite its clunky tabletop rules, I've liked Gear Kreig for years as it uniquely places mechs in the greater context of war machines, and gives them a niche that doesn't strain credulity.

In this mod you get to decide whether you follow down the road of fascism or you have the chance to bring back the monarchy. Restore the Central Powers under your leadership. Reclaim your rightful place in europa and let your rempire thrive. This mod makes it so a event triggers at the begining of your game that allows you to add a buff to yourself, everyone, or no one that makes it so that any state owned by the person with the buff has the max amount of building slots unlocked.

This submod for Ted52's Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod (v0. Adds new equipment and units to play around with, almost all of them from vanilla HOI4. If MD is work-in-progress, consider this highly experimental, especially in terms of.